Adjusting to Expansion

I have trouble with this, daily… As my mind expands, my senses are heightened. 

I see discrimination and prejudice I never before noticed. I hear people make racist or sexist comments without realizing what they’re actually saying. I observe how gender-specific our commercials, clothes, toys, razors, office supplies are, along with so many other aspects of society. I listen to others discuss the “disillusion” of feminism or institutional racism and talk about how people just need to work hard and stop being lazy. I watch people zone out when I talk about minorities and vulnerable populations. I hear people criticize open-mindedness and talk of how we’re losing our country and the world to “political correctness” and lack of values.

How am I supposed to brush off the things I see and hear when I know something’s wrong? How am I supposed to educate and promote awareness of these issues in order to encourage progress and growth when sometimes people don’t really want to listen?

I’m not always comfortable being the friend that talks about too deep of topics all the time, the one that “doesn’t have a sense of humor,” the one that takes a joke too seriously and “preaches” about social injustice…

But I can’t pretend to be who I’m not. My heart feels too much for so much around me to act like everything is fine, to ignore what I see, hear, and experience and “go on with my life.”

That’s just not the kind of life I can or want to live.


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